3seconds2nothing asked:

Once you get this you have to list five things that you like about yourself, publicly, then send this to ten of your favourite followers =]

:) Thank you for sending this to me @3seconds2nothing

5 things that I like about myself :
1. Eyes. They have gotten me a lot of attention throughout
my life .They are a very intense shade of blue and shaped
like a cat’s eye. You know that scene in the movie Memoirs
of a Geisha, where she looks up suddenly and makes a
guy fall off a bicycle? I can do that ;)

2. Stubbornness. I never give up. Even in the times when I have nothing left to believe in besides the idea that eventually
things have to get better, I keep going.

3. Smart. I am the the granddaughter of 2 rocket scientists.
I was reading college level books for fun when
my classmates were struggling to read a paragraph out loud.
I love words. I love to think.

4. Hair. I have very long soft silky hair. It is my pride. It has only
been cut 2 times in the last 5 yrs.

5. Loyalty. Once some one has earned my trust and become
my friend I am their friend for life and I will do anything for
the people I love.